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Keys To Backup

For many people, losing vital data to a system crash is the biggest threat that rogue technology can present. Fortunately, preventing the potential disaster of unexpected data loss is as simple as storing crucial information in multiple areas.

To help you reach a level of optimal data security, we'll:

  • Explain you on the different options of data back up you have at your disposal
  • A Representative -approved list of tips to help keep your data continuously safe and sound

Most of us don't realize how vulnerable our data — or our midterm thesis, for example — is until we lose it. But if you keep a backup copy of your work, you'll be able to stop losing sleep over the fear of hardware failure. Backing up data on a regular basis ensures that personal documents, photos of captured memories and other important files are secure in the event of a technology meltdown. Follow these quick back up tips from Unique Innovations® and you'll be able to rest easy.

Backup Methods

  • The most basic method of backup uses software that will copy requested information to a different part of the hard drive for safe-keeping. Unfortunately, when this hard drive fails, both instances of the data may be lost.
  • More advanced software will transfer requested data to a separate type of media (ex. CD/DVD, external hard drive, USB flash drive, Mirra). For even greater security, store this backup media in a different room or building.
  • Online backup, also known as "cloud" backup, securely copies data through the Internet, to be kept on secure storage areas. With authentication (username and password), this data can be retrieved through the web at any time.

Backup Recommendations

Create a checklist

  • Document which files and folders should be saved. Ensure that the most important files are backed up first.
  • The My Documents folder, commonly found on the Windows desktop, usually contains personal photos, music, videos and office documents.

Create a schedule

  • Depending on how often your information is modified or added to, repetition is important. Consumers may want to backup important information once a week. Small businesses may require daily backups. Most software backup solutions can be programmed with a consistent backup calendar.

Verify the backup

  • Remember to verify the integrity of the backup. Reload information from the storage device back to the computer to ensure that the data copy is intact.

To find out what back-up options are best for you, or to set up a one-on-one computer back-up training session, contact us to set up an on-site appointment, We provide services wherever and whenever you need them - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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