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Parents Be Aware

Children and teens can be remarkably proficient with computers. It's up to you, however, to ensure their online use is positive and beneficial. Educate yourself about potential risks to ensure the internet is a fun, educational tool your whole family can enjoy.


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Follow these safety tips:
  • Set rules about internet use for your family.
  • Talk about common sense safety tips such as guarding identity and information.
  • Supervise children when they use the internet. Having the PC in a central location, like a family room, helps.
  • Look into filters, blockers, or parental control software. (Unique Innovation services offer all of these, and can help you with proper installation.)
  • Create limited user accounts on the PC for children.
  • Encourage dialogue between you and your children.

Get more information about keeping your family safe at these websites:


Examine the PC for file sharing programs
Kids often use these programs to download and share free music. This can pose several problems as it violates copyright laws and could render you responsible for these actions. Also your information and data could be in a shared location, meaning others can download it through these programs.

View the history of visited websites
Most web browsers have easy ways for you to view this content.

Check logs of IM conversations
Some programs have notifications that you can have emailed to you.

Know your children's email addresses and "screen names"
Suggestive names can attract unwanted attention. Do not use last names in children's and teen's email addresses or screen names

If you need further assistance making sure your computer is safe and secure please E-Mail us at support@uniqueinnovations.net

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