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In today's online and connected world, civilians can become overwhelmed by the multiple facets of maintaining their data security.

When we lose precious information, whether to a system crash or to hackers, it can feel like we are losing parts of our lives. That's why keeping our data safe and sound is serious business.

When it comes to the security of your data, there are actually two separate areas that need to be addressed. While protection from outside intruders is the primary concern, preventative access within your home or office can be important as well. The following security tips from Unique Innovations Representatives are essential rules of thumb that will help keep your data safe on both ends. Representatives have compiled six countermeasures to follow that provide a solid starting point for keeping personal data protected.

The Six Steps to Keeping Your Data Safe

  1. Use proactive software protection — Antivirus and antispyware software are entry-level requirements for initial protection. Viruses and spyware can creep into your computer and easily degrade performance and corrupt or even destroy data.
  2. Use a firewall — Firewalls assist in blocking dangerous programs, viruses or spyware before they infiltrate your system. Various software companies offer firewall protection, but hardware-based firewalls, like those frequently built into network routers, provide a better level of security.
  3. Be cautious of suspicious emails from unknown sources — Unfriendly emails can infect your computer with spyware and viruses.
  4. Steer clear of websites of ill repute — These are havens for malicious and annoying intruders like spyware.
  5. Keep your operating system updated — Repair the security holes that hackers love to exploit with the newest critical updates from Microsoft.
  6. Consistently backup crucial data — Backing up to a separate media device, such as CD/DVD, external hard drive, USB drive or Mirra, on a regular basis ensures that important files are secure.

Unique Innovations can ensure that your data is as secure as possible. Defend your personal photos, music, emails or financial records from prying eyes or destruction. Contact Us For More Information.

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